If you're roasting racks of lamb a lot, this thing could save you time and effort.
the frencher in hand
Credit: Courtesy of Rabbit Product Design

Whether you're a butcher, a chef, an amateur meat enthusiast, or just a lover of lamb, your life is about to get easier. The Frencher—a new tool designed to french your rack of lamb (that is, to remove all the meat and fat from the bone as neatly as possible)—could save you tons of time and effort. The Frencher can french each rib in just a pass or two, so you'll never again have to scrape away at your rack of lamb for hours with the back of a boning knife.

The tool was designed by married couple Scott and Charity Maurer from Florida, both of whom work in the food service industry (Scott Maurer as a chef, Charity Maurer as a pastry chef). They've been working on the Frencher since January 2013, but the project stalled in 2014 for a variety of reasons. Now they're back on track, with a great prototype and an active Kickstarter, and they're planning to start shipping Frenchers to lamb rack-loving customers this August.

the lamb frencher
Credit: Courtesy of Rabbit Product Design

The Frencher will cost $65, but right now you can get it for an early bird price of $55 pledge. For $95, hardcore lamb enthusiasts can get a Frencher, a set of non-perishable food goods to help you throw the best lamb-centric dinner party, and a Frencher T-shirt.

So the basic takeaway here is to buy this thing if you find yourself frenching lamb more than, like, once a year. And if you're really into it, you can also follow the project on Facebook and Instagram. Right now, the project has only raised $875 of its $25,000 goal, so if you really french lamb a lot (and will actively suffer if this tool doesn't come into existence) you might want to make sure your other meat-loving friends know about it too!