The pop star’s reps have reportedly filed paperwork for two “Joanne Trattoria” wines.
lady gaga wine
Credit: Kevin Mazur / Getty Images

Let’s be clear up front: Filing paperwork to trademark a wine brand is a lot different than actually launching a wine brand. For the former, all you need is a lawyer or someone else who is good with paperwork. For the latter, you need grapes and bottles and a winemaker and a whole lot of employees. Still, getting your paperwork in order is a major step towards selling vino, and according to celebrity site The Blast, representatives for Lady Gaga have filed the necessary documents for two wines: Joanne Trattoria Vino Blanco and Joanne Trattoria Vino Rosso.

Outside of a couple of purported label shots, all other details about these wines appear to be very slim. As any Gaga diehard is probably aware, Joanne Trattoria is the name of the New York City Italian restaurant owned by her father Joe Germanotta—who also released a cookbook last year that featured a forward by his pop star daughter. Since the wines also bear the name of the restaurant, it’s possible this red and white could simply be new private label house wines for the eatery. Or since she’s Lady Gaga and likely has plenty of capital to throw around, it’s possible Joanne Trattoria wines could be hitting every wine store in the country. We just don’t know.

However, it’s worth noting that it was only reported as recently as this past February that Lady Gaga’s crew had also laid down the groundwork for a line of wine (or wine products) under the name “Grigio Girls”—which was also the name of a bonus track on her 2016 album, Joanne. Those wines do not appear to have materialized yet either—which brings us back to our original point: You can file paperwork all day without ever having any of the nuts and bolts (or grapes) in order. Still, whatever plans Team Gaga is working on, the fact that simply naming a couple wine brands has taken the media by storm would seem to suggest the demand for Lady Gaga-approved wines in out there. Just don’t start asking for it at your local wine shop quite yet.