Or opt for a different color to save yourself about $700.
Credit: The Ladoga Group

Looking to try one of the world’s most expensive vodkas? Just keep an eye out for a giant golden Fabergé egg-style container. Needless to say, it’s easy to spot.

The Russian liquor producer Ladoga Group has found an interesting niche for selling its Imperial vodka, offering the clear spirit in an excessively-ornamented, Fabergé egg-influenced packaging that’s large enough not only to contain 750 milliliter’s worth of the aforementioned vodka, but also four glasses cut from Venetian glass. The egg is made of metal alloy featuring 24-carat gold gilding and colored crystal flourishes, probably just go be tasteful. Meanwhile, the 12-times-distilled vodka produced with water from Europe’s largest freshwater lake, Ladoga Lake, and Russian wheat and rye is based off a recipe that was supposedly originally created in 1721 for the Russian tsar Peter the Great.

According to The Drinks Business, 1,200 of these eggs are produced in a year, and they are offered in a range of colors. A completely gold egg will set you back about $1,860, while those willing to slum it for a silver or blue egg get the bargain basement price of just $1,160. “Every element of our Imperial Collection Fabergé range is unique and presents a special opportunity for the global travel retail market,” Ruslan Grigoryev, export director for The Ladoga Group, was quoted as saying.

Oddly enough, despite the brand’s reported centuries’ old pedigree and obvious willingness for over-the-top flair, the Ladoga Group is apparently best known as the top-selling vodka in Russian airports—an area in which the brand is hoping to significantly expand. “There is a huge appetite for premium and super premium vodka within the global travel retail market and we are looking to capitalize on this trend with our unique portfolio and recipes developed almost 300 years ago,” Grigoryev added.

So new rule of thumb when packing: Always leave enough room in your luggage to fit a massive Fabergé egg. If you happen to find one filled with vodka, all the better.