We're all probably saying it wrong.
la croix essence
Credit: Courtesy of LaCroix

You love LaCroix. (Who doesn't?) But do you know how to pronounce the sparkling water's name? The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon is betting against your ability to say its name correctly, last night inviting one of its writers to hit the streets with various (and hilarious) names for the popular beverage to see if anyone would pick up on the mispronunciation. Spoiler alert: not a single interviewee showed in the short video called the writer out.

As he pulled questions from his audience suggestion box last night, host Fallon read aloud an audience query musing, "It seems like no one knows how to pronounce the sparkling water LaCroix. Is that true, or is it just me?" And as the video showed, it's so not just him.

(In case you're wondering, here's how you're supposed to pronounce LaCroix: La-Croy.)

Fallon admits in the video he's also had difficulty pronouncing the beverage's name, so he sent out a writer to purposefully play with the name and see if anyone would correct his pronunciation gaffes. The writer dubbed the water everything from "La Crowix" to "L.A. Croys," "La Quaff," "La La Croisha," "La Croy-yoy-yoy," and "L'Choo-Choo," but no matter the ridiculous name the writer gives the beverage, the interviewees don't catch his misstep. Instead, most of the guests nod along, saying they love "La La Croisha," or describing their favorite flavor. Others simply (perhaps politely) say they've never heard of it.

Fallon has made a few food-related jokes this week. On Tuesday, the host gifted Demi Lovato with a jar of pickles he made himself, jokingly labeling the jar to "my BFF Demi."

"I really went for it," Fallon said. "I went to the farm, I got fresh Kirby cucumbers, I made a brine." Clearly, the host loves finding the funny in food as much as he loves foot itself.