The line of swim shorts and one-pieces come in six different LaCroix flavors.
La Croix Bathing Suits
Credit: Courtesy of Public Space

LaCroix might be the hottest flavored sparkling water brand on the planet, but this summer, LaCroix can help cool you down in more ways than one: Sure, you can drink the stuff, but for the fashion-loving LaCroix drinker (and what kind of LaCroix drinkers isn’t image conscious?), the brand now has an unofficial line of men’s and women’s swimwear.

Los Angeles-based brand Public Space has put out a line of LaCroix swimwear—both swim shorts and one-pieces—using the labels of six different LaCroix flavors: Pamplemousse, lime, passionfruit, pure, cran-raspberry, and lemon.

“Mmmmmm... the taste of summer,” Public Space wrote about the new collaboration that, according to an Instagram post, was apparently launched earlier this month. “This La Croix obsession brings me back to the Kool-Aid days, when your favorite flavor practically defined who you were. Which fizzy water essence are you?”

Sadly, as we all know, being fashionable ain’t cheap, and this LaCroix gear—though not outrageous—isn’t as inexpensive as grabbing a can of sparkling water from your local corner store. The swim shorts are selling for $39.50 and the one-pieces are $49.50. But Public Space stands by the quality of their swim-wares. “We craft everything by hand in Los Angeles, after you order,” they state. And as an added bonus, the clothing brand says they’ll be expediting all LaCroix orders placed before May 17 to make sure you get your LaCroix gear in time for any Memorial Day pool party you may have planned. Or maybe now that you know you can have LaCroix swimsuits to show off, you’ll want to schedule a pool party.

Either way, if you’ve been looking to wear your love of LaCroix on your sleeve this summer… then these swimsuits are not for you… because they have no sleeves. But they still work in a metaphorical sense. So that’s cool.