LaCroix Is Finally 'Legal' in Massachusetts

The brand has reportedly filed the proper paperwork to be sold in the state.

Photo: The Washington Post/Getty Images

Not that you ever had to hide your can of LaCroix in a brown paper bag to avoid being picked up by a Massachusetts State Trooper, but for anyone worried about the legality of the "naturally essenced" sparkling water brand, this should put your mind at ease: LaCroix is apparently now a law-abiding member of the state's carbonated water community.

About three weeks ago, a Consumer Reports investigation into the ingredients of LaCroix turned up an intriguing, if tangential find: The brand hadn't filed the proper paperwork required to be sold in the state of Massachusetts. (To be fair to LaCroix, Massachusetts apparently has some of the stricter laws in the country when it comes to required disclosures for sparkling water brands which is why Consumer Reports was digging there in the first place.) When the report broke, Florida-based National Beverage, who makes LaCroix, said it intended "to work with the Commonwealth to provide all requested information in a timely fashion."

"Timely" it was. About a week later, Consumer Reports updated its original investigation to note that "LaCroix announced it had received a permit from Massachusetts to sell its carbonated water in the state." However, the site also notes that, despite the new permit, "The state has still not responded to CR's public records request seeking results of the most recent quality test results for LaCroix" — meaning some mysteries are yet to be solved.

But though LaCroix may have won a small battle in Massachusetts, the once unstoppably hip brand still appears to be losing a much larger war. In May, an analyst for Guggenheim described the brand's sales as being "effectively in free fall," and National Beverage's stock price has followed the same pattern. After peaking as high as $124 per share in September, shares are now selling for just $43 or so, its lowest levels since 2016. But just because its down, doesn't mean it's out: The brand's underdog appeal is what helped drive its explosion in the first place. A LaCroix reassurance is always a possibility… just don't forget the paperwork this time around, please!

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