Street artist 'fnnch' will debut the paintings tomorrow. 

By Elisabeth Sherman
Updated July 13, 2017
la croix
Credit: Courtest of fnnch

Artist fnnch, a spray-paint wielding street artist, who is known for his realistic renderings of those plastic honey bear containers (often clad in adorable costumes) is back with another food-based creation: Tomorrow at the San Francisco artistic collective SUB, he will debut a new show 9 Cans of LaCroix.

Along with a new mural depicting pink flamingos and another mural of his honey bears that hung in a BART station for 23 days before he was asked to remove it, fncch will be unveiling paintings of the nine original cans of LaCroix at the show.

“I’ve heard [LaCroix] referred to as start-up water. They’ve become a part of our culture,” the artist told Food & Wine over the phone. “The cans are kind of ugly, but kind of beautiful, so the way I designed the paintings was in homage to [Andy Warhol’s] Campbell’s soup cans.”

He used the same size canvas that Warhol used for his iconic art works, and even tried to paint his sparkling water cans at the same angle as the soup cans. To perfect the design, he explained that he had to stop by a Safeway grocery store and buy “ten cases of LaCroix,” so that he could examine the exact design of the cans.

Fnnch calls his artwork “contemporary pop art,” although he also creates pieces inspired by nature, especially of birds and bugs.

“The goal of my works is to just bring a smile to peoples faces, to surprise and delight,” fncch says. “Beautiful objects are all around us. If you can view these objects in your life as not just something you put into your body to give you a moment of refreshment, your life will be infinitely more rich and appealing. That’s an optimistic way to view the world.”

In the case of cans of sparkling water recreated with stencils and spray paint, people seem to agree: The show, which opens tomorrow, proved to be so popular that tickets sold out 24 hours, so the artist collective decided to add another day to show on Sunday, for which tickets are still available. Fnnch says SUB will most likely host two more shows next month, if people are still hoping to catch a glimpse of spray-painted cans by then.

Interested in reinventing your home as the ultimate millennial pop art pad with one of fnnch’s LaCroix paintings? Unfortunately, all nine of these were commissioned, meaning they already have an owner, but fnnch says he’s willing to paint another series for any interested art collector or sparkling water super fan.