By Mike Pomranz
Updated October 06, 2015
Credit: © Rayson Esquejo / 2LiveAndDineInLA

Some people call being on top of every latest trend trying too hard. But at the very least, tying every hot idea into one crazy culinary concoction will bring people in—as one LA-based restaurant has recently proven.

Santa Monica’s “Eatery & Juice Station,” Chomp, decided to just go for it this month by creating a pumpkin spice fried chicken doughnut burger. Pumpkin spice? It’s fall, so this checks out. Fried chicken sandwich? Look, New York; You aren’t the only place that can make fancy, crispy chicken. Doughnuts for a bun? I was unaware anyone even made burgers without doughnut buns anymore. According to the LA Times, it all adds up to a tasty meal they compare to “fried chicken and waffles” with “a lot of syrup, a little cinnamon.”

This over-the-top burger sells at the LA eatery for just $5.95. (Seriously?) It goes on sale Wednesday and the owner says it’ll be around until the end of the month. So grab the pumpkin spice fried chicken doughnut burger while you can. Or just wait until it becomes the next Oreo flavor.