By Mike Pomranz
Updated December 16, 2015
Credit: © Photos 12 / Alamy Stock Photo

Looking for a break from all the Star Wars mania circulating the Internet right now? Fortunately, you can always count on the pop culture force of The Simpsons to find a way to continue grabbing the web’s attention as well.

Back in November, The Clever Little Cake Company posted images on Facebook of its Kwik-E-Mart cake – a “gold medal” winner according to the company. Though it slipped under the radar originally, over the weekend it got a huge viral push on Reddit allowing everyone to enjoy seeing Homer, Apu and a drunk Barney hiding in back, all in totally edible form.

According to the original post, the cake is nearly as massive as it is visually stunning. “There are no supports in the cake or models,” CLCC wrote. “It weighed an absolute ton, it's 10" square, 9" high and has 2 kilos of ganache holding it altogether.”

As for whether the cake is as tasty as it looks, well, that depends on how you feel about fondant – one of the project’s key ingredients. The user who posted the cake to Reddit, who claims his mom made the creation, commented, “I really hate the taste of the fondant, and so does my mum.” Okay. Maybe we should be happy all we have is the photos.