It's the 150-year old Kusmi Tea's first white tea.

Legendary chef Alain Ducasse owns an empire of restaurants, multiple hotels and 21 Michelin stars, but what he doesn't have is a signature white tea. Until now! To celebrate the 150th anniversary of Kusmi Tea, the company is teaming up with Ducasse himself to release Le thé blanc Alain Ducasse, a tea that, the company says, is worthy of "the master of taste."

While Paris-based today, Kusmi has had a pretty storied history over its 150 years. Beginning when Pavel Michailovitch Kousmichoff, the son of Russian peasant family, got into the tea business in St. Petersburg back in 1867, the company saw huge expansion and multiple moves around the world.

Though Kusmi made it through multiple world wars and ownership changes since 1867, it somehow never managed to release a single white tea. "By its very nature, white tea symbolizes purity," the company says, and this one "is made special by the expertise and commitment to French gastronomic excellence that Alain Ducasse exemplifies," so perhaps Kusmi was just waiting for the right collaborator to create a white tea, whose "sprouts and buds are picked by hand just once each year in the springtime, making the tea all the more precious." Kusmi's "owner and nose" Sylvain Orebi and Ducasse worked to created a recipe that incorporates notes of raspberry and rose in a way both can be proud to put their names on.

Since white tea undergoes the least alteration from its initial plant state of all tea types, Kusmi says it symbolizes purity, and to match the purity and refinement, Le thé blanc Alain Ducasse is packaged in an immaculate box created by Paul Lagache, whose thousands of diamond-like facets complement your precious new tea. Le thé blanc Alain Ducasse will be offered through the holidays beginning Nov 1 at Kusmi locations and online, and be "gradually introduced" into the Alain Ducasse restaurants and hotels worldwide.