The singer-songwriter is a cofounder. 
Kroger In-store restaurant
Credit: Wolterk/Getty Images

Kroger may be one of America’s largest grocery store brands, but the company wants you to know they still have your personal wellbeing at heart. Earlier this year, the nearly 2,800-location chain launched its Wellness Your Way program, promising to be “your one-stop source for helpful information about nutrition, medication and lifestyle—everything you need to start living better, every day.” Now the brand is kicking that concept up another level, announcing a new Wellness Your Way Festival with the help of the singer Jewel.

Scheduled to take place at the Duke Energy Convention Center in Kroger’s home city of Cincinnati, Ohio, from October 4 to October 7, the festival is already being billed as potentially “one of the largest events in the region.” As the festival’s website explains, “For three days, you will work out with celebrity fitness experts, hear from inspiring speakers, pick up cooking tips from world-renowned chefs, and learn from passionate health professionals about what wellness means for you!”

More specifically, the announcement included a laundry list of people and activities: things like musical performances from Jewel, Gavin DeGraw, Cincinnati's own Nick Lachey, and “many more”; creator of P90X, Tony Horton; panel discussions; workshops; and group health activities such as yoga and circuit training.

“From a consumer perspective it will be a very informative and entertaining experience and a way for them to learn about ‘better for you products’ with the help of the Kroger OptUP app,” Carese Bartlett, marketing director for Wellness Your Way Festival, told BevNET.

Or if you don’t want to take Kroger’s word for it, maybe you’ll listen to Jewel? “Being a whole and happy human is really the greatest treasure we can have in life. I have always been astounded by how little education we receive to help us feel connected, happy and healthy. In a world of rising disconnection and anxiety, I am proud to help be part of the antidote by co-founding Wellness Your Way Festival,” the singer said in a statement. “I am proud to share my life's mission of being a healthy, satisfied person with others and to share the tools, advocates, teachers and champions I have learned from. And I am proud that Kroger has chosen to take this initiative to truly serve those in the community with meaningful resources.”