Kroger branded sections will take up about a third of the usual Walgreens' layout.
Credit: jetcityimage / Getty Images; Wolterk / Getty Images

Walmart successfully integrated the grocery store experience into its department stores. Amazon's purchase of Whole Foods is attempting to integrate the grocery store experience with its online shopping empire. Now, Walgreens is hoping it can move the grocery store experience into its drugstores with the addition of new Kroger Express sections.

Kroger will be testing these branded grocery sections in 13 Walgreens stores located in northern Kentucky near the grocery chain's Cincinnati headquarters, according to CNBC. One location is already in operation, and the remaining 12 are set to launch early next year. The partnership is apparently being seen as one more move meant to stay competitive in the wake of the Amazon and Whole Foods merger.

Though significantly smaller than a normal grocery store, the plan is to have these Kroger Express sections take up around 4,000-square-feet, or about a third of your average Walgreens, meaning they will be hard to miss when you go in to get a prescription filled. As an added bonus for Kroger shoppers, Walgreens also said that it will allow customers to order from Kroger online and pick up their groceries from Walgreens locations.

Unlike most drugstores that tend to have mostly packaged goods, these Kroger Express sections will feature perishables like produce, as well as Kroger staples like meal kits from the recently acquired Home Chef. In all, the sections will reportedly feature 2,300 Kroger products — which if you're not too picky, sounds like a substantial shop. The sections will be supplied and operated by both Kroger and Walgreens, according to the Wall Street Journal, and Kroger will not compete with existing Walgreens private-label brands.

"This is consistent with our broader partnership strategy," Adam Holyk, Walgreens senior vice president and chief marketing officer, was quoted as saying by the WSJ. Walgreens has also recently partnered with other major brands such as adding shipping services in-store through FedEx.