The comedian improvised some very odd-sounding drinks on ‘The Tonight Show.’

kristen wiig on the tonight show
Credit: NBC / Getty Images

Believe it or not, Kristen Wiig has never been on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon...until now.

Well, scratch that. Kristen-Wiig-as Michael-Jordan has appeared on The Tonight Show. As has Kristen-Wiig-as-Harry Styles. She’s also been on playing the part of JoJo from The Bachelorette, Daenerys Targaryen from Game of Thrones, and Peyton Manning.

But this is the first time the comedian and actress has arrived wearing her own clothes and not sporting a tiny toy dragon on her shoulder. And it was a day worth celebrating. Maybe that’s why the Fallon team decided to reach out to Wiig’s Despicable Me 3 co-star, Steve Carell, and have him join in the fun by asking her a question via pre-recorded video.

“Hi Kristen! I understand that you enjoy making old-timey cocktails,” Carell begins nonsensically, in an attempt to put Wiig on the spot. “Could you share your recipe for a Seacloud? Or a Fuzzy Wormhole?”

If you’re searching for a rhyme or reason here, you should give up. The question doesn’t make any sense. But that’s why it fits in so perfectly with yet another of Wiig’s hilarious Tonight Show appearances.

“I am a mix...ologist,” Wiig responds semi-seriously, playing along.

Fallon then encourages her to share the recipes for both drinks on air, and she obliges be. The Seacloud, she improvises, “starts with salt water.”

“Like from the ocean?” Fallon questions.

“From the ocean,” she confirms. “Salt water, orange wedges… Three half oranges. It’s really an orange-and-a-half. And a little bit of rum, a little bit of milk, call it a day. Done.”

Of course, you can’t do the old-timey recipe justice unless you serve it lukewarm. Why? Well, “because they're on the sea and they don’t have ice.” Obviously.

And while Wiig claims she doesn’t normally share the recipe for the Fuzzy Wormhole, on such an exciting occasion, she’s happy to divulge. Served in an empty Campbell’s soup can, the drink is made up of three special ingredients: tequila, a splash of apple juice, and ice cubes with fuzz in them.

“Now, you say that like it’s a thing we would have lying around the kitchen. Fuzz,” Fallon laughs.

Wiig explains with a straight face that even fuzz from a sweater will do, and that one should always keep such things around just in case they’re planning on making the cocktail.