We’ll take a couple key lime doughnuts on the beach, please.
Krispy Kreme Summer Doughnuts
Credit: Courtesy of Krispy Kreme

On April 17, Krispy Kreme dropped an exciting announcement—the return of the fan-favorite Lemon Glazed Doughnut and three new fruit-inspired flavors, as part of the summer doughnut collection. The new doughnuts—pineapple, key lime filled with Key Lime Kreme, and strawberry—are all brightly decorated, with little design details like strawberry seeds and lime wedges that make them just as aesthetically pleasing as they are tasty. The Lemon Glazed Doughnuts are available this week only (April 22 through April 28), while the fruity summer doughnuts launch May 6 and stay on the menu through June 16, just in time for warmer weather.

We got a first try of the new doughnut collection, plus the lemon-glazed doughnuts, on Monday—not a bad way to start off the week. I’m personally more of a citrus person, so I stuck to the lemon and key lime doughnuts; the key lime doughnuts are pleasantly tangy, with the Key Lime Kreme filling appropriately acidic and sweet, and unmistakably lime-flavored. (Another editor agreed, calling them “lovely.”) Lemon glaze was also a hit—a surprisingly light doughnut with hints of zest in the glaze and a nice, lemonade-like flavor. Strawberry reminded us of the classic jelly-filled doughnuts; as for pineapple, the chunky filling went over really well with our editors, and one said “not as sweet as I expected (a good thing).” If any of these sound up your alley, make sure you head to Krispy Kreme soon; like summer, they won’t be around nearly as long as we want them to be.

April 22 also marks the launch of a new sweet product for caffeine fiends. Sugarfina and Alfred (an L.A.-based coffee chain) just launched a line of caffeinated gummy bears that are infused with coffee—touted as the first of its kind. There are three different kinds to try: cold brew, bourbon cold brew, and iced vanilla latte. While you might not think a gummy bear can give you a buzz, each serving size is packed with 60 milligrams of caffeine—equivalent to one shot of espresso. They’re available in-store and online now, and we also did a taste test, if you want to learn more about them.