By Mike Pomranz
Updated December 09, 2015

Marketers are obsessed with finding new ways to engage people through technology: tweets, Vines, all sorts of apps. How are brands supposed to cut through the clutter?

Krispy Kreme has decided to break out their secret weapon: doughnut glaze. To promote a buy one dozen, get one dozen doughnuts giveaway happening this upcoming Saturday (which happens to be 12/12, get it?), the doughnut brand posted a three minute video to their YouTube page featuring that sugary glaze being poured over a conveyor belt of doughnuts. But this isn’t just any glaze: The pattern of dripping sweetness forms a working barcode that really scans. Krispy Kreme addicts can play the video on their smartphone on December 12 to redeem the doughnut freebie.

Krispy Kreme is billing it as “The World’s Tastiest Coupon.” Though I’m not sure how you verify that claim, at the very least, it would taste better than anything you’d pull out of a circular, at least from my coupon eating experience.