Hint: It's not pumpkin spice. 
Krispy Kreme Cinnamon Swirl Doughnut.jpg
Credit: Krispy Kreme

You can always count on Krispy Kreme to keep the limited-edition doughnuts coming. This year, they've rolled out here-today-gone-tomorrow treats like a blueberry-glazed doughnut, a banana pudding doughnut, and something called a "Monster Batter" doughnut (a mashup of green icing, candy eyeballs, confetti sprinkles, and cake batter-flavored filling). And now they've announced their latest drop—the cinnamon swirl doughnut—just in time for Thanksgiving.

Available now through January 2019, Krispy Kreme's newest creation features the brand's classic doughnut, hand-tossed in cinnamon sugar and topped with alternating ribbons of cream cheese and cinnamon icing. It's kind of like an inside-out cinnamon roll, in the sense that the sweetest, stickiest stuff is front and center, while the cake that ties the whole thing together is hidden underneath.

Krispy Kreme Pumpkin Spice Original Glazed Doughnut (2).jpg
Credit: Krispy Kreme

The doughnut chain is also bringing back some old favorites for the holiday season. From Friday, November 16, through Thursday, November 22, you can pick up a #veryrare pumpkin spice original glazed doughnut (pictured above) at your local Krispy Kreme. Historically, the brand has used this particular flavor as the ultimate tease. They offered it for one day only last September, then decided to bring it back on the first three Fridays of October 2017—but only after 6 p.m., for a promotion called "Friday Night Spice."

In December, the gingerbread original glazed doughnut—a ring of spiced gingerbread and cinnamon dough coated in warm gingerbread molasses glaze—makes its triumphant return. And, from now through December 24, you can expect to see four very cute frosted doughnuts at participating locations—the "Santa Belly" (filled with chocolate cream), the "Ugly Sweater" (a new menu item, dipped in green icing, sprinkled with confetti, and topped with reindeer and penguin candies), the "Holiday Plaid" (an original glazed featuring a red and green plaid pattern), and a chocolate iced ring doughnut with holiday sprinkles.