This one-day deal is autumn-approved.

Sure, the official start of the fall season doesn’t occur until this weekend. But if the earlier and earlier release dates of pumpkin spice lattes have taught us anything, it’s that for some people fall is more of a feeling than a change in foliage or a planet’s position in relation to the sun. Today, Krispy Kreme is helping more people get into that fall spirit with a free doughnut deal that’s flavor-appropriate for anyone who’s done with summer already.

Just head into your local, participating Krispy Kreme location and you’ll be able to score a free Pumpkin Spice old fashioned-style cake doughnut. Yes, that means all that cinnamon-y, nutmeg-y, flavor, plus the extra crusty texture topped with sweet glaze can be yours whenever you'd like today, and you won’t even have to pay a single cent for it.

Here’s how the deal works:

If you’re a Krispy Kreme rewards member already, congratulations: You can walk in and request your free doughnut, no questions asked, just show the barcode available in the Krispy Kreme app. If not, the free pumpkin spice doughnut is offered with the purchase of any other item, so you'll need to grab a coffee or here's an idea: another doughnut. The deal is only good in standalone Krispy Kreme locations. See the offer in the Krispy Kreme app for more details.

While the traditional light and fluffy Krispy Kreme doughnut it certainly the brand's standard, it's refreshing to see a deal for us hardcore old fashioned-loving fans out there. After all, this year has already seen a whole lot of attention go to the yeasty style as Krispy Kreme continued its tradition of offering the glazed doughnut in different flavors. While that style does come in pumpkin spice as well (sometimes just for one day!), it's also been made available in lemon—after fans voted for that flavor over blueberry, caramel, and maple—chocolate glazed, and gingerbread flavors.