All of them can "BE MINE." 

The country is currently facing a conversation heart crisis, thanks to the demise of Necco. (The candy company, which went under last year, was the number one manufacturer of the iconic Valentine's Day treats.) And, while the story has a silver lining (Spangler Candy Company took control of Necco's SweetHearts brand, and plans to bring them back into production by February 14 of next year), that doesn't change the fact that candy shelves are looking a little empty right now. Luckily, Krispy Kreme is here to fill that conversation-heart-shaped void.

Credit: Krispy Kreme

Yes, the doughnut chain's latest creation is an XL version of the classic candy. Launching Wednesday, January 30 (and sticking around until Valentine's Day), the frosted, heart-shaped pastries are topped with more than a dozen phrases, both new and traditional. Some examples: "Be Mine," "DM Me," "All the Feels," "So Extra," and "Call Me." (That last one is probably the most adorably retro.) They're available in your choice of four fillings: Cake Batter, Strawberries and Kreme, Raspberry Filled, and Chocolate Kreme.

“Finding the right word can be like, I don’t know….hard. But eating a doughnut is easy," Dave Skena, Chief Marketing Officer for Krispy Kreme Doughnuts, said in a statement. "So, we printed the right words on the doughnuts for you so you can’t mess this up." Valid points all around.

If you're a Krispy Kreme rewards member, you may want to stop by on Wednesday, February 6. That's when the chain is giving away a free conversation heart doughnut of your choice with any purchase. Until then (or, more accurately, until Sunday, January 27), we suggest trying something from Krispy Kreme's new, limited edition "chocolate collection," which involves four "choco-fied" versions of classic Krispy Kreme doughnuts: Chocolate Glazed Cake Batter, Chocolate Glazed Raspberry-Filled, Double Chocolate Glazed Kreme-Filled, and Chocolate Glazed Oreo Cookies and Kreme.