Credit: Courtesy of Seoul Waffle Pizza

Waffles are no stranger to finding their way into savory dishes – especially in Los Angeles. Roscoe’s House of Chicken and Waffles has famously been serving up a mix of salty and sweet since 1975 (although unfortunately its parent company declared bankruptcy last week). But there’s a new waffle shop in town that’s looking to mashup breakfast and dinner in an even stranger way: Seoul Waffle Pizza.

A Korean restaurant that serves up pizza on a crust of waffle might sound odd enough, but that’s just scratching the surface on this strange restaurant that opened in Los Angeles’s Koreatown late last month. In a search for answers, Los Angeles Magazine found only more mystery. The owner, James Kim, is a 22-year-old Cal Poly Pomona business grad with no culinary experience beyond being a waiter. When asked where the concept came from, he told the magazine, “We just kind of made it up.” Pressed further, he stated, “I was in New York for a year and a half, and I got really into pizza there… I also really, really love waffles. And since I’m Korean, fusion waffle pizzas became the idea.”

Yes, these aren’t just any waffle pizzas; they are Korean fusion waffle pizzas. Though you can get classic waffle pizza toppings (cough) like pepperoni, you can also push your waffle pizza to its unique limits with toppings like bulgogi and kimchi. Naturally, if you want a side of maple syrup, you can grab that for $1.50.

Possibly the strangest revelation of them all, however, is that Seoul Waffle Pizza, at least according to writer Josh Scherer, is actually quite good. He compares the mashup favorably to the cronut: “There was never anything wrong with waffles and pizza by themselves, in the same sense that there were no glaring problems with croissants and donuts. But when you combine the two via novelty food alchemy, you get the perfect intersection of form, function, and Instagrammable magic.” Yelp so far agrees: the restaurant currently has a 4.5 star rating.

So there you have it: LA’s next food craze may be a waffle topped with Korean-influenced pizza toppings invented by a 22-year-old business grad. The most bizarre piece of the puzzle might be that it was able to happen before California officially legalized weed.