The DIY kits are available at CVS.

By Adam Campbell-Schmitt
Updated July 09, 2019
Credit: Craft City

If you hadn’t noticed already, slime is everywhere. Well, everywhere on YouTube, at least, with thousands of videos teaching viewers how to make slime and thousands more with various slime challenges and oddly satisfying/ASMR angles. Now a familiar drink brand is getting in on the gooey game with a collaboration that turns beloved childhood soft drink staple Kool-Aid into slime you can actually eat.

In partnership with Craft City founder and Queen of Slime Karina Garcia, Make Your Own Kool-Aid Edible Slime Kits are now available in CVS stores across the country. Each kit contains the ingredients to make two batches of slime in two of Kool-Aid’s classic flavors — Cherry and Blue Raspberry — plus confetti to add in for texture and color. And to keep your own kitchenware slime-free, the kit even includes a bowl, spoon, and gloves. The kits retail for $14.99.

Credit: Craft City

“Craft City is all about making your own creations while having fun and I am super excited for the brand to be venturing into the world of edible slime,” Garcia said in a statement. “Edible slime is one of my favorite slimes to create and I am fortunate to be partnering with such a home staple brand like Kool-Aid to create fun and tasty slimes.”

“Kool-AidMan always brings the fun wherever he goes, and teaming up with Karina to put an unexpected twist on her epic slimes was a natural fit,” Eileen Suh, Brand Manager, Kool-Aid, Kraft Heinz, said. “Our first-ever slime kits with beloved Kool-AidTM flavors proves that you can have your slime and eat it, too.”

Kool-Aid is no stranger to odd applications, as it's often been used as a hair dye and even as pickle brine for various fruits and vegetables. Turning it into delicious slime seems like a natural evolution and this point!