Even though I live in NYC, I obsessively follow the L.A.-based Kogi Korean taco truck on Twitter (more on that in our "10 Best Restaurant Dishes 2009" story in the upcoming December issue). Now I have to figure out how to also keep track of their newest toy: the bright orange Scion Kogi xD Mobile Kitchen made just for Kogi by Toyota. It’s fully loaded in the back with a grill, sink and special grilling-tools compartment (and don’t forget the Alpine sound system). Kogi co-founder Roy Choi promised I could ride shotgun next time I go to L.A. Meanwhile, I’ll keep watching the YouTube video inside the mobile kitchen, including a demo of Kogi’s newest, killer-sounding dish, Silver Peso Pancakes made with Korean flat chives and sesame oil/leaf/seeds, with their special chile vinaigrette.