Have you ever seen what's now being sold as a kiwiberry? I just saw them the other day at Whole Foods. They seem to appear periodically, unlike their larger, fuzzier relatives that are available year-round. If you like kiwis, you'll love these. They have so much sweet, tangy, juicy deliciousness packed into a smooth oval the size of a large green grape, with ever-so-slightly-and-in-a-pleasant way leathery skin. You just have to let them ripen until they soften, then pop them into your mouth.

I'm pretty sure they're the same fruit that farmer Dave used to sell in Manhattan at the Union Square Greenmarket a couple of years back. Dave seemed a lot more like an absent-minded professor than the usual farmer, and you always got a good dose of wit or a political rant along with your vegetables. Dave had these great big baby kiwi bushes in his yard and he'd bring the fruits to his stand whenever they were in season. Dave's stand is long gone, unfortunately, but I'm happy that the fruits are back. You can find out more about them at