Viking Explorers
Viking's Culinary Arts Center in Memphis provides a showroom where you can test-drive an oven, cooking classes where you can learn to use it and a retail store where you can buy it--all under one roof. Soon to open in Franklin, Tennessee, and other cities (877-5-VIKING).

Serve It Up
Silver aficionados pay up to $10,000 for soup ladles by Albert Coles and other 19th-century craftsmen. See why at an exhibit at Manhattan's Lauren Stanley Gallery (212-888-6732).

Amazing morphing blenders: Cuisinart's SmartPower Duet converts to a food processor to make short work of chopping; Krups's monster-size 50-ounce Power Xtreme doubles as a heavy-duty ice crusher; and Maverick's NutriBlend becomes a high-powered juicer for fruits and vegetables.

John Scharffenberger, whose European-style chocolate is splendid for baking, now sells one-ounce candy bars for immediate gratification ($2.25 each; 800-930-4528).

You Say TomatoFest
Tomato napoleons, anyone? Fifty California chefs work wonders with 200 tomato varieties at TomatoFest, held at the stunning Quail Lodge Resort in Carmel, California, on September 12 ($50 per person; 831-620-8830).