The Most Popular KitchenAid Stand Mixer Color Is...

Can you guess? Hint: it's not the one above!

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The blogger behind KitchenAid World dug deep into the kitchen appliance-loving public's internet habits to answer a burning home decor question: which stand mixer colors are the most popular? Now, KitchenAid doesn't release these kinds of numbers—so the ranking may not line up with actual sales figures perfectly—but it's a pretty good estimate based on Google search data. With that in mind, the top five shades are:

5. Chrome


Yes, chrome is a surprisingly popular stand mixer finish, giving KitchenAid's classic design a throwback-futuristic vibe. It does blend in pretty seamlessly in a kitchen filled with stainless steel appliances, which may explain its high ranking on this list. (Get it refurbished for $300 at or new for $600 at

4. White


A safe choice, but a smart one. If you're constantly moving (or always remodeling), there's no color scheme white won't match (or, at least there's no color scheme white will clash too terribly with). ($280 at

3. Pistachio


The most delightfully retro of the bunch, KitchenAid's pistachio model hearkens back to the avocado appliance boom of the '60s (although this particular shade of pale green feels a bit more modern). ($280 at

2. Aqua Sky


Bold enough to be the focal point on a kitchen countertop, it's no surprise that the brand's turquoise stand mixer is their second most popular model. ($280 at Which brings us to...

1. Pink


One of the appliance's original three shades when color options were introduced in 1955, pink remains a top seller. If you own a pink KitchenAid stand mixer, you're pretty much obligated to make cupcakes regularly. ($400 at

Rounding out the top ten were Boysenberry (deep purple), Sea Glass (metallic turquoise), Almond Cream (light beige), Empire Red (super-shiny cherry), and Raspberry Ice (magenta with a reflective finish). And, just in case you're curious, Honeydew—a bright green halfway between key lime pie and '90s Nickelodeon slime—came in last, at number 87. To check out the full list, and to learn more about the methodology behind these rankings, head to

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