Utensil Mash-UpBambu’s organic bamboo “spoontulas” ($16 for three; cooking.com) are some of our favorite new utensil hybrids. Here, three more we love.

Kitchen Tools Guide
  • Utensil: Paddle Thermometer
  • Combination of: thermometer + spatula
  • Great for: Tempering chocolate and heat-sensitive sauces ($20; surlatable.com).
  • Utensil: Wire Tongs
  • Combination of: whisk + tongs + spatula
  • Great for: Whisking sauces and flipping steaks ($22; chefcentral.com).

Utensil: Over-the-Sink Board
Combination of: cutting board + colander
Great for: Washing, draining and chopping in one spot ($30; crateandbarrel.com).


Vegetable Scrub Gloves

Danish-designed Skruba textured nylon gloves easily remove dirt from potatoes, root vegetables and mushrooms.

Chefs’ Top Tools

Chefs’ Top Tools

In our annual poll of 100 top chefs, we asked about their kitchen essentials—including their top tools and best gadgets.

Space-Saving Strainers

The answer to bulky kitchen strainers that take up too much space in a cabinet.


Kid-Friendly Kitchen Tools

Three bright and cheerful kitchen gadgets for kids.


Favorite Kitchen Tools

100 chefs from New York to Portland, Oregon weigh in on everything from their favorite kitchen tools to cooking with sodium alginate.