Winemakers’ Prized KnivesWinemakers who cook are as picky about knives as they are about grapes.

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J.A. Henckels Twin Pro S 7” Santoku
“I got it to fill a hole in my knife box, but now it’s my favorite.” —Kevin Holt, MacRostie

Kyocera Ceramic 6” Chef’s knife (KC-130 WH)
“A razor-sharp edge means minimal browning of easily oxidizable foods, like pears.” —Jeff Mangahas, Hartford Family

Kasumi 7” Santoku
“Even though it was knocked off a bench and hit the winery owner’s foot, I still like how it keeps a keen edge.” —Blair Walter, Felton Road

Test Kitchen Discoveries

Top Test Kitchen Discoveries

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Sharp-Looking Knives

Sharp-Looking Knives

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Magnificent Knives

Magnificent Knives

Shun’s Kaji knives are made by folding layers of steel and nickel alloy around a metal core to produce an exceptionally durable blade...”

Chef Favorites: Japanese Knives

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