For the person who loves cooking and entertaining, F&W's Christine Quinlan shares unusual kitchen gifts that are hyper-functional, beautiful and innovative.

By Christine Quinlan
Updated March 31, 2015

Kitchen Gifts: Peg System

Studio Gorm, John Arndt and Wonhee Jeong

Peg System John Arndt and Wonhee Jeong of Eugene, Oregon's Studio Gorm created their ingenious Peg system out of wood components that can be put together to create tables, stools and even lamps. Sold in sets, everything folds up and hangs on a rail when not in use. (A table, two stools and a bench are $2,200.) In the works: a Peg kitchen system for utensils and cutting boards.

Kitchen Gifts: Kitchen Tools

Courtesy of Deborah Jones

Food Mill

With its strong, sharp blades, All-Clad's sturdy new food mill allows cooks to make fruit and vegetable purees without having to skin and seed ingredients first. $150;

Courtesy of

Bottle Opener

Imported from Japan, designer Oji Masanori's minimalist brass opener removes caps with a flick of the wrist. $55;

Courtesy of Roland Products Inc.


This design from Drosselmeyer cracks nuts and catches the shells. $40;

Courtesy of

Measuring Cup

Taylor's over-achieving digital measuring-cup scale weighs dry and liquid ingredients in ounces or grams while measuring their volume in fluid ounces or milliliters. Ideal for bakers who crave precision. $35;

Photo © Emile Henry

Courtesy of Emile Henry

Pizza Stone

Emile Henry's stone works on the grill or in the oven and looks good enough for the table. $50; emile

Kitchen Gifts: Bold Backsplashes

Courtesy of Henry Road for Modwalls

Modwalls' glass Circles tiles are made with textile patterns from Henry Road. $37 per sq ft;

Courtesy of Artistic Tile

Custom Mosaics Artistic Tile's Esprit Blanc pattern can be cut from nearly any type of stone. $75 per sq ft;

Kitchen Gifts: Kitchen Gadgets

Courtesy of Roland Products Inc.


Hurom's machine extracts in two stages, so there's more juice to drink and less soggy pulp to clean up. $360;

Courtesy of 44, Inc.


Most dehydrators require more than a day; Nesco's FD-37 is faster and can expand to hold seven trays of food. From $40;

Courtesy of Polyscience


The Smoking Gun infuses everything from cocktails to butter to vegetables with aromatic smoke. $100;

Kitchen Gifts: Kohler Prep Island

Courtesy of Kohler Co.

Kohler's new Iron Occasions Island top, with a built-in sink and faucet, is made out of stain-resistant, durable cast iron. Mount it on a set of custom cabinets or on Kohler's stainless-steel base. From $1,677;