Previously available in the U.K., the Kit Kat Chocoladilla is making its way across the pond for the first time.

Even those with a very basic understanding of Spanish probably know that "queso" means "cheese." So Taco Bell, which, let's be honest, doesn't always have the best track record of keeping things authentic—understands that if you are going to create a "quesadilla" where the innards are replaced with melted Kit Kats, the "quesa" part isn't going to cut it… And thus, the Kit Kat Chocoladilla was born.

A "Chocodilla" has actually been offered at Taco Bell locations in the United Kingdom for some time, with the Brits even getting a Kit Kat version of the dessert around this time last year. As the name implies, a Chocodilla is "a grilled, soft flour tortilla filled with warm, melted chocolate chips." Meanwhile, a Kit Kat Chocodilla adds a KitKat crumble into the mix.

However, now, the Kit Kat-accentuated Taco Bell dessert is finally coming across the pond for the first time… and picking up an extra "la" along the way. (Why are there so many differences between British English and American English?!) According to Brand Eating, the new "Kit Kat Chocoladilla" is being tested at select locations in the state of Wisconsin. This comes on the heels of a Caramel Chocoladilla made with Twix that's also receiving a test run in the state (a photo of its sign and a review landed on Reddit nine days ago). As another Redditor pointed out, these two candy bars actually make for an interesting choice since Kit Kat and Twix are owned by two different companies (Hershey and Mars respectively).

As for the biggest question of them all: Why did the UK get a "Chocodilla" and we get a "Chocoladilla," Brand Eating speculates that "they might be going with a different name here in the US due to the similarity of 'Chocodilla' to 'Chocodile,' the name of a Hostess snack cake." Hey, as long as they're handing out candy bar-filled quesadillas, they can call them whatever they want.