Credit: © Nestle Japan

Remember that time your friend went to Japan and brought back the weirdest Kit Kats? Unexpected flavors like Green Tea, Strawberry Cheesecake, and White Chocolate Sake are nothing too unusual in Japan. But, with the new Kit Kat pop-up museum in Tokyo, the Kit Kats are about to get even crazier. The museum, open until the twenty-fifth, will feature eighteen varieties of Kit Kat, and you can also check out retired products from the candy bar's past.

The museum, housed in Nescafe's Harajuku location, will let customers select their favorite variety of Kit Kat or order from the limited time menu of Kit Kat café meals, drinks, and desserts. Once you're done with your meal, you can browse through the wall displays of Kit Kat history. You'll enjoy the dated references like special edition Kit Kats that pay tribute to movies that time forgot. You'll also find all varieties of Kit Kat packaging: cans, cartons, plastic casing, and more. Other highlights include a throwback to the gold-plated Kit Kat, the original 1935 packaging, and Pepper the robot, who will keep you company while you wait in the cafe.

So you might be wondering at this point, why is Kit Kat pulling out all stops for this pop-up tribute to its history? The museum's opening is timed with the release of Kit Kat Japan's new flavor, "Everyday Luxury Kit Kat." The almond- and cranberry-filled Kit Kat is the first big release from the candy maker in six years. It's on the shelves now, so, as long as you don't mind flying to Tokyo for a bit, you can try one.