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Hate public displays of affection? But what if they would earn you a free burrito?

Society’s consensus seems to be that making out in public is a no-no unless you’re a drunk college student who’s just discovered flavored vodka, but we are willing to make an exception for those looking to score a free burrito at Qdoba Mexican Grill this Saturday. For Valentine’s Day, the chain is giving people who buy one smothered burrito the chance to get a second smothered burrito for free if they “share a smooch” with someone else.

The offer is part of the brand’s Share a Smooch campaign. Giving out free burritos on Valentine’s Day has become a bit of a tradition for the company, which has run similar offers for a few years. In a statement, David Craven, vice president of brand marketing, said, “Both our guests and our team members have a lot of fun sharing the love at this event.” Though I’d like to ask some team members how fun it really is the millionth time they hear the joke, “Hey, can I kiss you?”

As an important side note, Qdoba states the kiss should be limited to “a loved one, friend or even a willing stranger.” But if your Valentine's Day moves involve flirting at Qdoba, you may need to reconsider your priorities. Love or burritos—or can it be both?

[h/t LA Times]