Do you know where your flour comes from?

How to Make Gnocchi: Add flour
Credit: Photo © Matthew Armendariz

More and more, people want their food providers to be transparent. They want to know exactly where the ingredient they’re eating and cooking with are coming from. Which is why King Arthur Flour recently launched Identity-Preserved White Whole Wheat Flour.

The new flour is made with certified wheat seeds, which can all be traced back to specific farms that practice sustainable growing methods such as crop rotation and using less water. “King Arthur Flour recognizes that consumers want to know where their ingredients come from,” King Arthur spokeswoman Katie Walker told FoodNavigator-USA. “By providing certified seeds, we are able to provide transparency to the consumer as they obtain where and how the wheat was grown.”

The flour’s traceable origins aren’t its only virtue. Since it is made from 100 percent white winter wheat seeds, it combines the nutritional value of classic wheat with the mild flavor and light color of white flour.

Of course, if you really want to know where your flour comes from, you should try milling your own at home.