The much-loved Kinder Joy comes stateside at last.


The U.S. has finally joined the 170 countries in which you can buy the beloved food/toy combo, Kinder Joy, or as they're commonly known, Kinder Eggs, Ferrero U.S.A. announced today. If a life spent stateside has yet to make you familiar with the classic treat, the plastic, egg-shaped candy container originating in Italy is made up of two, separately sealed halves. In one, there's an internal candy made of, the company says, "two soft cream layers—one sweet milk-cream flavored and one cocoa flavored," and nestled into those are "two round, chocolate-covered wafer bites that are filled with sweet cocoa cream," which Kinder enjoyers can eat with an included spoon.

But that's the food half. Over in the other side of the egg is something most other candy cannot say it contains: a toy. While the particular toy hidden within in each Kinder Egg is a surprise, Ferrero says they're all able to be assembled by children and parents in tandem and are "developed by our expert team of designers to maximize play time for children ages three and up," with some meant to "encourage creativity" and others to "teach kids about the world around them."

Many US-based Kinder fans have long bemoaned how FDA regulations about combining food and non-food items have kept Kinder Eggs out of the country. But while the older Kinder Surprise, which contains a chocolate egg wrapped directly around a plastic one, has yet to make it to the US, the newer Kinder Joy, created in 2001, is fully US-friendly.

One of those fans is actress Malin Akerman, who joined Ferrero U.S.A. (which is also behind Ferrero Rocher, Nutella and Tic Tac) to unveil the addition of Kinder to its lineup today. “Growing up in Sweden," she says, "I remember when my mom used to give me Kinder products as a child—the anticipation of the delicious treat was fun and special." Now with the nearly 50-year-old Kinder brand finally making its way to the US, Akerman adds, "I can pass on these delicious treats to my son and see him experience the same genuine surprise and delight that I did every time he opens a Kinder Joy egg.” And so can you—just make sure to double check which side is the food one before you dive into this particular joy.