And three other limited edition flavors you can vote on.

By Adam Campbell-Schmitt
May 09, 2017
Courtesy of KIND

Granola bars have gone the way of, well, granola. If you’re one of the many people who opt for a more protein-packed snack like the various energy-touting bricks on the market or prefer some good old fashioned mixed nuts, you’ve probably had a KIND Bar or two at some point. But if you haven’t quite found the perfect flavor of KIND Bar for you on the shelf just yet, there may be something you can do about it: KIND is letting you pick the next limited edition variety of their crunchy snacks.

With a tongue-in-cheek public service announcement about “Restless Palate Syndrome,” KIND Snacks is asking consumers in the lower 48 states and Canada to vote on four possible creations in its “Raise the Bar” contest. People who vote for the winning bar will be eligible to win a free sample of said new flavor which could also end up in stores.

Food & Wine was provided with an advance taste test of each of the four contenders, and to help you make an informed decision for yourself, here’s what we thought:

Contains: Almonds, apples, cashews, lemon peel, orange peel, pomegranate, tart cherries
Tastes like: Chewy, fruity granola
Comments: “A mulled wine thing going on.” “Tart and crunchy is an odd combo.” “A weird flavor but I don’t hate it.”

Sesame Seaweed
Contains: Almonds, black sesame seeds, cashews, horseradish powder, peanuts, seaweed, wasabi powder
Tastes like: Seaweed
Comments: “A very slight sweetness.” “The savoriness was less pungent than expected.” “Like halvah mixed with seaweed.”

Spiced Fig
Contains: Cardamom, figs, Madagascar vanilla, pistachios
Tastes like: An elevated Fig Newton (with lots of pistachios)
Comments: “If Christmas were a granola bar.” “Good, but seems like it needs one more ingredient.” “Could use more salt and less pistachios.”

Sweet Pretzel Crunch
Contains: Almonds, cashews, caramel coating, gluten-free pretzels, sea salt
Tastes like: A Pay Day with almonds
Comments: “Like a dense candy bar.” “Almost tastes too good, like a dessert.” “The best flavor of the bunch, for sure.”

So there you have it. Head over the KIND website to cast your vote by May 31st for your chance to weigh in and win.