Plus, the superstar reveals where she and Kanye West ate on their last anniversary.

She’s one of the wealthiest women in the world, a household name, with her own video game, a makeup line, and a kid’s clothing brand, and she’s married to one of the most celebrated (and controversial) musicians of our age, none other than Kanye West. Kim Kardashian West—it’s a name that is synonymous with success (hey, even if you aren’t a fan, you can’t deny that she’s leveraged her celebrity into staggering profit). So what does a powerful woman like Kardashian West eat for the most important meal of the day? A new interview with Allure spills the details on the businesswoman’s diet.

Interviewer Devin Friedman met her in the lobby of the Baccarat Hotel in Manhattan around eight in the morning, where the two sat down for a hearty breakfast and stimulating conversation (Friedman reveals that “two eggs, potatoes, bacon, juice, and coffee” costs $46 total). We won’t leave you in suspense: Kim “orders scrambled eggs with tomatoes, mushrooms, and onions mixed in, an English muffin, and some English breakfast tea with loads of honey.”

Take note: Kardashian West didn’t order coffee, opting for caffeinated tea instead, but clearly, she does like it to be sweet. And if you (like most sane people) are a lover of carbs, don’t start rejoicing just yet. Kardashian West doesn’t actually eat her English muffin. Perhaps that’s why she’s able to comment later, “I’m, like, the most fit I’ve ever been.”

That doesn’t mean that she never indulges when it comes to food. Although she admits that she and her husband “did absolutely nothing [for our anniversary]” besides spend a couple nights in Santa Barbara resting, she does reveal that the pair stopped by IHOP for a meal.

We're not sure we would opt for pancakes to celebrate an anniversary, but we wouldn't rule it out, either. For a couple of millionaires, Kim and Kanye might have more in common with us regular people than we think.