The reality television superstar also gave fans a tour of her kitchen. 
Kim Kardashian breakfast
Credit: Axelle/Bauer-Griffin / Contributor / Getty Images

Kim Kardashian must be comfortably enjoying family time at home because last night she decided to invite the world into her kitchen, where she was cooking up a delicious looking home cooked meal. Kardashian, who welcomed her third child, a daughter, via surrogate on Monday, took to her Instagram to post a series of stories showing off her skills in the kitchen, and even revealed how she achieves the perfect sweet and crispy cornbread.

In the first post, Kardashian films a huge pot of creamy mac and cheese with the caption, “Cooking Tonight!!!” Who knew such a huge celebrity would know her way around a kitchen? It’s probably best to not underestimate her, though, because she eventually proves that she’s got a few tricks up her sleeve when it comes to cooking for her family.

“The special key to making my cornbread is I take the cups, I line them in butter, then sugar…so it’s crispy all the way around with delicious sugar,” she says as she films herself sprinkling sugar into the buttery cups of a muffin tin. Once the cups are filled with her cornbread batter, she adds a dollop of honey to the mixture to make it “extra sweet.”

Turns out, Kardashian was cooking up a feast: Her meal included peas and rice, a pot of green beans and bacon, Jamaican jerk chicken and a sauce to go with it that she made from scratch, a sweet potato soufflé, and fried chicken—which she actually fried herself. In fact, Kardashian says that the deep fryer is “by far my favorite part of the kitchen.”

The entrepreneur—yes, the label is appropriate: She has her own makeup line, mobile game, and kids clothing collection—has apparently been cooking “since high school,” but only recently learned the recipe for the Jamaican jerk chicken.

Don’t be surprised that Kardashian is an accomplished home cook—she’s proved herself to be quite the multi-talented celebrity over the years. Even though she has her detractors, you can’t deny that once her meal is on the table it looks utterly delicious. Kim, if you’re reading this, teach us how to make that divine looking mac and cheese next.