The truck’s menu brings a taste of Chicago cuisine to the Emerald City.
chicago west food truck in seattle
Credit: Pierre Suu / Getty Images

A Seattle food truck and the newest addition to one of entertainment’s most talked about families have one big thing in common: their name. In recent weeks, you may have started hearing and seeing the name Chicago West pop up on your Facebook feed or your television screens briefly during the evening news. That’s because rapper Kanye West and reality TV star Kim Kardashian West just welcomed their third child, a daughter named after Kanye’s hometown. The duo has become somewhat famous for their baby name choices (their other two children are daughter North West and son Saint West), and consider themselves trendsetters within various arms of the Hollywood industry. But it would seem someone already beat them to the punch on this one.

The Seattle-based food truck ChicagoWest, run by the husband-and-wife duo of Dave and Melissa Chester, now shares their business name with the newest member of the celebrity family. The life and business partners got the idea for their food truck around two years ago when the then pregnant and Chicago-native Melissa got cravings for some windy city-style food.

“Two years ago, I was pregnant, and I really wanted a Chicago dog, and so I went to multiple stores trying to find the ingredients, and I couldn’t,” Melissa told Seattle’s King 5 News.

A professed lover of food, Melissa found that her and Dave’s bi-annual trips to the Midwest didn’t satisfy her cravings, and so the two set out to bring Chicago to the Pacific Northwest. Building a menu based on “the foods [she] loved from home,” the ChicagoWest food truck has become more than a food tribute to a beloved city. It’s also a culinary learning experience for Seattle residents eager to understand (atomic) neon green relish or how to pronounce giardiniera.

Their menu features a selection of dishes that are Chicago food scene staples, in addition to sides, beverages, and kids options. When customers stop by, they can try the Chicago Beef Sandwich, which consists of thinly sliced roast beef and roasted bell peppers covered in au-jus and topped with giardiniera. There’s also the Chicago Mix popcorn, a sweet and salty combination of caramel and cheese flavors, as well as the famous Chicago Dog, a quarter pound dog topped with pickle, relish, mustard, tomato, onion, sport pepper and celery salt.

In honor of unintentionally sharing a name with Kim and Kanye’s baby, Melissa and Dave have added a new menu item for Emerald City diners (and the West family if they so desire) to enjoy. You can now stop by ChicagoWest for their Mexican-style corn, which has been named Chicago West in the little girl’s honor.

In the words of Melissa and Dave Chester, they’re just “returning the favor.”