Adorable kids try everything from gyoza to pierogi.

By Elisabeth Sherman
Updated August 29, 2017

Any parent can attest to how difficult it can be to get kids to try new foods. They tend to be extremely skeptical of dishes they think they won't like, and the news is usually full of experts with advice about how to get kids to enjoy their meals. The HiHo “Kids Try” series on YouTube finds the humor in a situation that is probably (more often than not) frustrating, by sitting young children down and having them sample a range of dishes from around the world. In this installment, the kids eat a variety of delicious-looking dumplings.

Right away they aren’t exactly sure what some of these dumplings are—one kid, upon hearing that dumplings are covered in dough with a filling in the middle, guesses that he’s about to eat pizza—but when the first version, gyoza, arrives, at least one little girl recognizes the dumplings and eats them with relish (“so yummy, so fluffy,” she says with a sigh of happiness).

Next up they try pierogi (or varenyky, as they are known in the Ukraine), a little flummoxed by the sour cream on top. After that, they try out dumplings fried and filled with chicken, called coxinhas, from Brazil. One boy named Desmond doesn’t quite believe they come from Brazil, going so far as to split one open ask it himself where it comes from. Lastly, the group eats xiao long bao from China, otherwise known as soup dumplings, and again Desmond is confused about their origin—he guesses they come from Utah. Not quite, but they're probably served somewhere in the state.

If anything, these “kids try” videos might just prove that young people are much more open to trying new dishes than we give them credit for. And if all of this has you hungry for dumplings, check out our dumpling making demo with Top Chef's Frances Tariga.