If only more menus had this handy key.

By Jillian Kramer
Updated July 25, 2017
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Credit: Blend Images - Inti St Clair / Getty Images

Getting your kids to eat can be a tough task. In fact, we're fairly certain that every parent with a young tot has been met with maddening claims and closed mouths. They're not hungry. They don't know what they want. They don't care. And when you order for them, they refuse to take a bite—of a meal they loved just yesterday.

But a Maryland restaurant has a clever and uncomplicated solution. (Unfortunately, it's not free booze for parents.) Fager's Island, a fine dining restaurant in Ocean City, wants you to have a pleasurable dining experience, even if you're with a child who is throwing a tantrum of epic proportions. So the restaurant has come up with a special kids' menu that decodes what a child says—think: I don't want that!—into a meal you can order.

The kids' menu consists of five meal choices. When your child gives you one of their incredibly unhelpful responses, you simply find it on the menu and order its pair.

If your child says, "I don't know," they'll be served a triple layer peanut butter and jelly sandwich. They don't care? Well, they will when they see the grilled peanut butter and banana sandwich on their plate. A child who says "I'm not hungry" will hopefully eat up a basket of chicken tenders. If they don't want whatever you picked, it's fries for them. And if they say, "what?" they'll just have to pay better attention to their cheese quesadilla.

You have to admit, the menu is pretty brilliant. It's packed with items kids would likely eat and love, but it removes the frustration of making a misbehaving child choose when he or she simply doesn't want to. That's a win-win situation for all.