The perfect gift for the burger-lover in your life. 

plush burgers and fries shake shack kidrobot
Credit: Courtesy of Yummy World / Kidrobot

If you love Shake Shack you probably find yourself craving it—the juicy burger, the satisfying crunch of the crinkle cut French fries. It’s probably not advisable to eat a cheeseburger everyday—although I know I’ve been tempted to start the Shake Shack diet before—but what if in between stops by the restaurant you could be reminded of its delicious burgers and fries when you’re sitting at your desk or going to bed at night? With a new line of Shake Shack plush toys, Kidrobot has you covered.

The burger and fries plush toys are part of Kid Robot’s Yummy World line—which features a whole range of food-shaped plush toys, from a chocolate swirl soft serve to an extra large strip of bacon, a pretzel, and a pancake. Sporting happy, smiling faces on the fries, burger, and a packet of ketchup, the toys even come in Shake Shack’s signature removable white and green wrappers. First introduced at Comic-Con, the plush toys are now available at Kidrobot.

Adorable stuffed burgers and fries aside, Shake Shack had lately been finding some interesting ways to promote it’s elevated fast food fare: It recently introduced Will & Grace-themed wine shakes to its menu, launched a limited-edition eel burger, and even began testing out cashier-less kiosks (although it’s still a step below ordering a meal by facial recognition). They don’t have their clothing line yet, but a squishy, squeezable burger and fries that you can carry around everywhere with you and that never goes bad is almost as good, if not better.

If you’re more interested in food-themed toys than Shake Shack, Kidrobot can deliver for you on that front, too. Besides its Yummy World line, the online toy store carries Bob’s Burgers action figures and both bananas and Campbell’s soup cans modeled after designs by Andy Warhol.