The Pun Pantry founders are turning their love for puns and plates into a pop-cultural cookbook.
pun pantry cookbook on kickstarter
Credit: Courtesy of Nude Dude Food / Pun Pantry

A Kickstarter from a punny Boston-based pop-culture brand is looking to expand your appetite for comedy with a cookbook that will tickle your funny bone.

From pop-ups to geeky cookbooks to fashion lines, pop culture and food have never been more in. Earlier this fall, food bloggers That Food Cray!!! proved us with the launch of their t-shirt and accessories line for Urban Outfitters. Like the Instagram bloggers, Pun Pantry also aims to show how the commercial reach of a good food pun spans far beyond the kitchen through their t-shirt line and soon-to-be-finished cookbook.

For the past two years, co-founders Patrick Lindquist and Vincent Prezioso, along with their illustrator Nick Nazzaro, have been producing everything from recipes and clothing to games all focused on harvesting the true potential of food-based entertainment. That includes a Wheel Of Fortune Cookie or Kendrick LaMarshmallow greeting cards and t-shirts featuring original artwork and puns like Obi-Wan Cannoli and Wu-Tang Clam.

Now Pun Pantry, which believes laughter is life’s best and tastiest ingredient, has turned to Kickstarter to solidify its punny work through its very own pop-culturally inspired collection of 20 recipes from “authentic and talented recipe creators, chefs, and restaurants” already spotlighted by way of their blog and social media accounts. According to the Kickstarter, the book will include “mouth-watering” recipes for dishes like the cheddar, muenster, and Monterey Jack “Fleetwood Mac & Cheese,” the grapefruit and Corona infused “Gin Diesel,” apple-cider flavored “Amazing Ciderman Donuts,” and the "Chicken Kebab Dylan" (pictured above), with “a collection of great photos” to accompany the recipes.

“It’s an homage to pop culture, filled with stories, interactive material, and original comedic flavor,” the Pun Pantry team wrote on the Kickstarter page.

Raised funds would go towards completing and publishing the book, but also helping the crew attend their first trade show, America’s Mart Novelty Gift Show, in Atlanta, Georgia in January. There they plan to display their products and “connect with retailers from all over the world.”

With just under two weeks left to fund the project, you’ll need to heed the call of foodie duty soon to get in on a range of rewards including custom food pun designs from artist Nick Nazzaro, a “Rick & More Tea” t-shirt, and a “foodpocalypse” (a.k.a. a burrito party with the Pun Pantry founders).