KFC, fried chicken, KFC recipe
Credit: © Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

One of the shrewdest moves a poker player can make is to maintain a stony stare even after his opponents have figured him out. To that end, KFC is keeping their “poultry face” as stoic as ever in the wake of a Chicago Tribune journalist’s claim that he has been given access to a long-forgotten transcription of Colonel Harlan Sanders’ trade secret fried chicken recipe.

Writer Jay Jones recently travelled to Corbin, KY to write about Sanders’ original restaurant where the Colonel first served his famous chicken. Among the folks interviewed, a nephew and former employee of the Colonel who showed Jones a scrapbook containing the last will and testament of the chicken magnate’s late second wife. Scrawled on the back in blue ink is a breading recipe that contains, you guessed it, 11 herbs and spices. Chief among the ingredients are paprika, garlic salt and white pepper, a rather novel ingredient for the time the recipe was conceived.

The Tribune reached out to KFC parent corporation Yum! Brands to clarify whether or not the scrapbook recipe in question was indeed a version of Colonel Sanders signature spice blend and KFC responded with a resounding non-answer. The Tribune even put the recipe to the test and found it to be delicious, but they allege that a dash of one nefarious 12th ingredient was required to make it taste identical: MSG. The recipe is available for you to try for yourself, but unlike they do in the video we’d suggest using a pressure cooker rather than pan frying. That’s how Colonel Sanders did it, and that part is no secret.