The bizarre promotion suggests that garlic sauce “straight from Transylvania” will keep you safe this Halloween.

kfc garlic sauce for halloween
Credit: Courtesy of KFC

Far-out fast food promotions have become the norm these days, seeing as the deluge of online and social media only allow the most eye-popping of ideas cut through the clutter. Still, a Halloween campaign coming out of KFC Romania is strange even by our newfangled standards. The Eastern European outpost of the international chicken chain is giving customers in other countries a chance to pick up its Romanian garlic sauce to help ward off vampires. Well, you’re sure as hell not going to ward them off with mashed potatoes!

Need a clarification? You’re probably not alone. Here’s the logic: KFC Romania says it’s the only country where the chain serves garlic sauce all year long. (If true, KFC should probably look into righting this abomination immediately. But we digress…) Romania is also the modern day location of the historical region of Transylvania, home to everyone’s favorite vampire, Dracula. So, seeing as Romania has “some experience with vampires”—understanding that they hate garlic and such—the country’s KFC wants to bring “garlic sauce straight from Transylvania” that is “100 percent vampire repellent” to other countries to protect against any unfortunate Halloween vampire incidents. “It might save your life,” a video for the promotion suggests.

As inherently unusual as that may all sound, KFC Romania insists this is a treat, not a trick, and lists 11 different countries where garlic lovers can pick up this exported Romanian sauce while supplies last. Sadly, of the 11 countries—which include Canada, the Czech Republic, Germany, Greece, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Spain, the United Kingdom, and the United States—none of them offer the sauce in any more than three locations. And here in the U.S., you can apparently only get this vampire-fighting sauce at one place: the Yum Brands’ corporate office in Plano, Texas. Let’s just say this isn’t the easiest giveaway that a fast food chain has ever offered. But luckily, vampire attacks aren’t as big of a concern as they were back in the ol’ Transylvania days.