The fictional cinema cyborg's directive is to deliver the Colonel's famed recipe to a very real bunker.

Credit: KFC

For KFC, its original spokesperson, the late Colonel Harland Sanders, was probably its best marketing tool. That's why, for the past few years, the brand has been recasting the Colonel with a rotating ensemble of actors, comedians, pro wrestlers, and country singers, all donning the white suit and white goatee to fill Sanders' shoes. And while we've seen humans — both male and female — as well as a robot portray the iconic chicken chain founder, we've never seen a combination of both... until now. Today, KFC launches a campaign that casts RoboCop (yes, that RoboCop) as Colonel Sanders.

In film, RoboCop, the semi-autonomous hero of a string of 1980s body-count blockbusters and a 2014 reboot, is the half-man, half-robot creation of the Omni Consumer Products which revive (what's left of) police officer Alex Murphy after a fatal encounter on the job. The corporation plans to use RoboCop as a means of giving its privatized police drones an element of human judgment. Of course, like any corporation in an '80s movie, Omni also has more nefarious plans for RoboCop. Murphy then gains control of his computerized half and defeats his corporate overlords. All that said, his new gig is perhaps lower stakes, but not of lesser importance: Protecting a much sought-after chicken recipe.

While the fictional RoboCop will appear in ads for KFC, the end result of his mission is very real. Currently, KFC's secret recipe — which has been the company's signature since 1940 — resides in a vault located at its Louisville, Kentucky headquarters. For an extra layer of secrecy, the company also uses multiple suppliers to create its herbs and spices blend, so no one entity outside of KFC knows the true makeup of the ingredients. In fact, the president and head chef of KFC don't even know the secret recipe. But in order to double up on its security in for more modern times, the company has also placed a triple-encrypted digital copy at the data center in Bahnhof's maximum security nuclear bunker (called Pionen) in Stockholm, Sweden, a facility that's even safe from an atomic blast, according to a statement from the brand.

Watch KFC's RoboCop announcement below:

“Built in 1943, Pionen is a former civil defense center capable of withstanding the blast of a hydrogen bomb,” Jon Karlung, Bahnhof chief executive officer said in a statement. “It is buried 100-feet-deep inside the White Mountains of Stockholm and is protected behind a 40-centimeters-thick steel door, so KFC can rest assured their secret recipe will stand the test of time.”

Yes, even in the event of World War 3, we'll still be able to recover and build a new society with proper-tasking KFC.

KFC is no stranger to oddball Colonel Sanders stunts, whether its rewarding parents for naming their new baby Harland or, most recently, giving away a Colonel Sanders bearskin rug.