The fried chicken chain only follows six "Herbs" and the five Spice Girls.

Kentucky Fried Chicken has rewarded one smart Twitter user as part of its 11 herbs and spices gag.

While most of us eked out a moment of joy from learning the joke behind KFC’s Twitter follows stunt last month, one man was offered more than a good laugh. KFC’s herb and spices ploy saw the fast-food chicken chain following only 11 users—all five of the British pop music phenomenon the Spice Girls and six random people named Herb. A very attentive Twitter user by the name of Mike Edgette noticed this, and following his revelation, the internet went wild. His tweet went viral, and KFC got a ton of free marketing, just as it probably intended.

It was a clever move, nonetheless, and Edgette—cited as the first person to notice KFC’s follow choices—was rewarded for his sleuthing. And no, he wasn’t offered a lifetime supply of KFC chicken. Instead, he got something much, much better. The chain had a large portrait of user @edgette22 commissioned and the details of the painting take the entire stunt to a whole new level.

The art features the South Dakota resident riding on the back of Colonel Sanders, smiling while holding a drumstick. Behind him is a scenic display of a colorful horizon, mountains, trees, rock formations, deer, birds, and rabbits. It’s a weirdly hilarious mashup in line with the same humor that earned Edgette the painting. The ad agency behind KFC’s romance novel—offered as part of a Mother’s Day event—was involved with producing the painting.

Edgette hasn’t stated what he plans to do with the painting, but some on Twitter have suggested a public showing in his community. He has tweeted about a “life size sculpture,” in case an old-fashioned wall hanging isn’t enough.

Oddly enough, Edgette may not have been the first person to spot the marketing gag. Apparently, another user noticed the social media joke a month before he did. There’s no word on whether he’ll be getting his own commission.