The meaty sandwich features an Original Recipe Chicken filet, topped with crispy bacon, topped with chicken-fried beef.
fried angus burger at kfc in new zealand
Credit: Bloomberg / Getty Images

In general, KFC has stuck with what its name implies: chicken. That's not to say the chain hasn't done some bizarre things with chicken. Of course, you have the legendary fried-chicken-instead-of-a-bun creation, the Double Down. And parts of Asia got mini pizzas with a fried chicken crust. But whereas chicken has been totally open for experimentation, attempts at working with beef have been few and far between. However, KFC New Zealand recently decided to give the red meat a chance, and the result is the thing of fast food junkies' dreams.

Unveiled late last month, the Kentucky Angus burger is described as having "the best of both worlds." The sandwich features an Original Recipe Chicken filet, topped with crispy bacon, topped with, yes, beef—"a 100 percent Angus beef patty coated in the Colonel's secret herbs and spices," no less. Though KFC doesn't specifically call that final layer a country-fried steak, the fact that it's coated in the same chicken spices certainly makes it sound like the taste would be similar—and the ol' eyeball test gives the same impression. Oh yeah, and the sandwich also comes with cheese, lettuce, barbecue sauce, and mayo.

As if topping off a chicken sandwich with an extra slab of chicken-fried steak isn't enough to bring people in the door, KFC New Zealand has an additional sales pitch for this limited-time offering. On September 9, any Kiwi who shares that same birthday with Colonel Sanders can stop by for a free "KFC Meat Cake." That's KFC's other name for the Kentucky Angus burger. In fact, the brand even made a "Meat Cake" commercial featuring a guy getting said "cake" for his birthday, candle and all.

For now, it appears that these Meat Cakes are exclusive to New Zealand, but once word gets out about what's going on down in the South Pacific, don't be surprised if you hear American fast food lovers proclaiming, "Hey, we have birthdays too!"