chicken gram
Credit: © KFC Canada

If nothing says "be mine" quite like a well-seasoned breast and wing combo, the KFC ChickenGram is the perfect Valentine's Day gift for you.

Available exclusively in Canada, the heart-shaped boxes of the colonel's signature fried chicken will be distributed to significant others, office crushes and any other important person in the lives of lucky contest winners.

To participate, KFC connoisseurs must visit, enter the information of a Valentine (or themselves, since February 14 is also Singles Awareness Day), pick one of three "romantic" poem options for the lid (as seen below) and explain why this person is most deserving of a KFC ChickenGram. Yes, it's that easy.

In conjunction with the promotion, KFC has also released a "sexy" commercial featuring massaged and iced chicken. Because we obviously haven't been creeped out enough by the fast food chain's latest bizarre mash-ups and unnecessarily chicken-scented merchandise.

Watch if you dare and share with that poultry-obsessed person in your life. And then question why you're friends with this person to begin with.