KFC's Mother's Day Deal Is a Bouquet Full of Fried Chicken

Make that a "Buckquet."

KFC has long been a fast food king of bizarre promotional items. Highlights over the years include a KFC bucket hot tub, fried chicken-scented firelogs, a faux-bear skin rug with a Colonel Sanders' head, and, just a couple months ago, a massive chicken sandwich pillow.

However, some of the brand's strangest promotions have been tied to Mother's Day: a KFC-themed romance novella, chicken-flavored chocolate truffles, and the KFC Chickendales dancers.

KFC's Kentucky Fried Buckquet
Courtesy of KFC

So what does the chicken chain have planned for 2022? Well, comparatively-speaking, this year's Mother's Day promo feels downright sensible: the Kentucky Fried Buckquet — a DIY floral arrangement allowing customers to create a bouquet that is half flowers, half fried chicken.

Created in partnership with the flower delivery brand Proflowers, the Kentucky Fried Buckquet will be available to anyone who orders a KFC Sides Lover Meal via either the KFC mobile app or KFC.com from May 1 to 3. (No, this deal isn't available in restaurants.) Once an order has been placed, you'll be emailed a promo code to redeem the DIY floral arrangement directly from Proflowers. In it, expect to find 12 roses, a glass vase, a KFC vase applique, a card, and eight skewers.

KFC's Kentucky Fried Buckquet
Courtesy of KFC

What are the skewers for? you might sensibly ask. "Once assembled, the Buckquet can feature KFC Extra Crispy chicken tenders or chicken, delicately skewered and tucked into a vase alongside a blooming arrangement of a dozen multi-colored roses that will truly make mom want to stop and smell the fried chicken and roses this Mother's Day," KFC writes.

"A regular bouquet of flowers is a good gift for mom, but a Sides Lovers Meal and Kentucky Fried Buckquet is a finger lickin' good way to take Mother's Day from a 10 to an 11," Nick Chavez, chief marketing officer for KFC U.S., stated. "With three sides, four buttery biscuits and the unforgettable — truly — fried chicken and flower table decoration, everybody is sure to get something they like to eat, and mom is sure to smile."

As odd as the whole thing may sound, KFC explains that Mother's Day is one of the chain's biggest sales days of the year, moving nearly 400,000 buckets, and Mother's Day is also KFC's biggest day for online ordering and delivery.

So I guess if you were planning on getting KFC for Mother's Day anyway, why not preorder a Sides Lover Meal and get your flowers taken care of for free? You don't even have to use the skewers to put chicken in the bouquet; you could just give them to mom as a way to fend you off from grabbing the last drumstick.

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