KFC Is Giving Away 'Finger Sporks' to Help You Enjoy Their Side Dishes

The "innovative eating utensil" is free for anyone who orders a KFC Sides Lovers Meal.

KFC Finger Sporks
Photo: Courtesy of KFC

Created at a KFC franchise in the 1950s, "It's finger-lickin' good" is one of those fast food slogans that is still recognizable to this day. The implication is that, sure, KFC fried chicken makes a mess of your hands, but it's so delicious you'll happily lick your fingers clean. But what about KFC's other menu items? Is KFC's coleslaw not finger-lickin' good because only a mannerless monster would eat coleslaw with their fingers?

This train of thought (as odd as it may be) has inspired KFC to create an equally odd product: "KFC Finger Sporks" — digit-enhancing mini-sporks billed as an "innovative eating utensil" inspired by KFC's classic full-size spork. According to the chain, this "new ergonomic and gastronomic piece of tableware-tech" will finally make KFC's sides "as finger-lickin' good — literally — as its fried chicken."

"KFC Finger Sporks are taking sides off the sidelines and putting them in the spotlight," Nick Chavez, chief marketing officer for KFC U.S., stated in the announcement. "Every detail of the innovative Finger Spork has been carefully crafted and pressure tested — by way of eating many KFC sides — for the optimal finger lickin' good experience."

The Finger Sporks are essentially utensil finger puppets, where diners simply stick a finger into the base of the small spork and dig right in. "KFC's Finger Sporks make it more fun to scoop out your mac & cheese, retrieve that last piece of corn, and delight in your mashed potatoes," the chain explains, conveniently sidestepping whether finger sporks are also a more practical solution.

It's also not entirely clear how they make your sides "literally" finger-lickin' good since you're literally licking the small sporks clean, not your literal fingers. But, hey, when a product is described as featuring "precision prong articulation, anterior branding optimization and sporkasticity technology," it's clearly not meant to be taken too seriously.

Meanwhile, scoring a pair of Finger Sporks sounds relatively easy. Anyone who orders a KFC Sides Lovers Meal in person or online at participating locations between June 21 and July 12 will receive two free KFC Finger Sporks while supplies last. For the record, the Sides Lovers Meal includes eight pieces of fried chicken or chicken tenders along with four biscuits and a choice of three large sides — offering plenty of opportunities to test out your new tiny sporks.

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