The '90s really are back. 
Credit: KFC

KFC loves themself a marketing stunt. In the past year, the fast food giant has composed a relaxation playlist featuring the ambient sounds of chicken frying, teamed up with Drunk History to recount the story of Colonel Sanders (he started the company when he was 65!), released scratch 'n' sniff Valentine's Day cards scented with fried chicken (and "the heavenly aroma of the Colonel’s 11 herbs and spices”), and brought its Romanian branch's signature "vampire repellent" garlic sauce to KFC locations worldwide for Halloween. So it's no surprise that the mega-chain is promoting its Famous Bowls' limited-time $3 pricing by giving out free bowl cuts in Brooklyn.

Credit: KFC

Yes, today KFC set up shop inside Williamsburg's Ludlow Blunt, where they offered a menu of bowl cuts ranging from the classic "Original Recipe," pictured above, to the "Spork and Bowl," shown below, which is actually...somewhat wearable and "2019" for a bowl cut if you can pull it off.

Credit: KFC

Then there's the "Gravy Fall" (scroll down) for the truly committed. "You're a free spirit, an untethered radical living every day like it's your last," KFC says of the cut in a press release. "Social norms are shackles. Abstraction is the antidote to authority. Bowl cuts don't literally have to be bowls. And the secret to enjoying anything in life is adding more gravy." Sure! It's the type of thing you'd see while flipping through the "bold" section of Supercuts' catalog of hairstyles in 1994. Or maybe the haircut your Supercuts hairdresser would have in 1994. That is to say, a strong look, one we respect, and one you should fully commit to if you choose it (maybe with the addition of an acid wash denim jacket?).

Credit: KFC

In other Famous Bowl news, KFC just introduced a new version—Nashville Hot—for the new year. It has the same base of mashed potatoes, gravy, and sweet corn, but with the addition of fried chicken bites coated in a spicy cayenne and smoked paprika sauce.