The bargain beer brand is offering to make adulthood a little bit easier.

keystone light beer
Credit: ViewApart/Getty Images

Inexpensive beer brands like Keystone Light and Natural Light clearly target a younger crowd: Not many Baby Boomers are making Halloween costumes out of old beer cases or drinking from 77-packs at spring break. What else do twentysomethings like? Being able to pay their rent – in full and on time – which is what inspired Keystone Light’s latest promotion: They’re offering to pay your rent for a year.

In an effort “at making the transition to adulthood just a little bit smoother,” Keystone is offering to pay 12 months’ worth of rent for 13 lucky winners as part of a nationwide sweepstakes. From now until September 29, you can enter either by going to or via Snapcat by snapping the code on a point-of-sale display.

Even if you don’t score free rent, you won’t necessarily leave empty handed: 150 runner-ups will win a “getting older transition pack” that contains “a Keystone Light-branded inflatable chair, shower curtain, Hawaiian shirt, and ‘can’delier, a chandelier made of Keystone Light cans – all the necessities to succeed in the real world.” Hey, nothing says you’re an adult like being legally allowed to win free beer swag!

Credit: MillerCoors

“We know adulthood can be expensive, especially for those just graduating college and grad school,” Josh Wexelbaum, marketing director of Economy Brands for MillerCoors, said in the announcement. “In the real world full of pressures and responsibilities, we want to give people the opportunity to enjoy a little more fun – like cold, smooth beer and good times with friends. That’s what Keystone Light is all about.”

And yet, though this promotion is meant to make life easier, the real pressure is on if you win. Keystone is billing the whole thing as “free rent for a year,” but winners will actually be paid in a single lump sum of $12,000. If you want to see just how adult you are, try keeping $12,000 in a savings account for a year to pay your rent (that's right, don't blow it all at once).